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Founder(s) Rajesh Rajoria
Date of Establishment 01st January 2000
Industrial Sector Handmade Products
Headquarter Delhi
Presence Global
Awards and Recognition --

Fragrance is the first and the foremost thing that people remember whenever they hear about you. Infact in today’s competitive world fragrance and perfumery business has its own place in the market, right? different people from different regions likes different scents which defines them! oh yeah you guessed it right we are about to tell you guys about a person who is so much into perfumes and fragrances! who will guide you to dive into the world of perfumes and fragrances! but before getting into knowing about this person let us enlighten you about who is a fragrance consultant first.

So, who is a fragrance consultant?

Fragrance consultant is a person who works with his clients or individually to create unique scent and solves problems regarding fragrances and perfumery for a particular place, event, business, individuals etc. A fragrance consultant also gives expertise guidance if you are willing to start your own line of perfumes, lotions bath salts, scented candles, incenses and pot pouris.

Rajesh Rajoria - India’s one of the best growing fragrance and perfumery consultant.

So, if you want to start your own perfume line but your filled with tons of doubts and confusions regarding the source of material or, distribution et cetera Rajesh is the exact person to help you out with these problems.


Rajesh Rajoria is a perfumery and fragrance consultant who started his fragrance career and worked on building himself by doing several courses about fragrance and perfumery. Right from his childhood he was determined to be a professional entrepreneur and worked with his father in their own machinery business. And after completing his BCom he got trained in fragrance essential oil, as well as incense making from FFDC.

He specialises in Perfumes, Attars, Aroma & Diffuser Oils, Incense & related handicrafts, Candles & related handicrafts, Holi Colour & Chandan Tika, Product Designing and Development. 

He provides you with several services such as curating a cost-effective fragrance and perfumery project, analysing and implementing ideas that aids at improvement of your fragrance project, improvement of fragrance development processes, source of material, methods of making, development of your project and much more.

Training for

  • Fragrance & Flavour Development Centre, Kannauj  
  • NAIP: World Bank Project in Sikkim, Sikkim Agriculture University
  • Tihar Jail, Delhi
  • Divya Jyoti Jagriti Sansthan
  • KVIC SFURTI Cluster
  • Chkor Gramodhyog Kannauj
  • Tripura Bamboo Mission
  • Nirmalaya Wellness Pvt Ltd
  • INBAR: Tripura NIESBUD Jubilint, TCSRD
  • Goldiee Masale Pvt Ltd

He is also very professional and a friendly person and solves almost every fragrance issue that you’re facing in every field of fragrance such as body fragrances, home and fine fragrances.

Rajesh Rajoria is an innovative person and he also serves as a strong bridge between his clients and their fragrance projects and applies his expertise knowledge in giving solutions which aids at development of their project.

So don’t wait and make your dreams come true! dive into the aromatic world, with the right person by your side! FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT HIM NOW!

Email ID- solutionsindia72@gmail.com

Contact No.- +91-92127 26880

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