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Founder(s) --
Date of Establishment 01st May 2020
Industrial Sector Media and Entertainment
Headquarter Bangalore
Presence Global
Awards and Recognition --

DANCE! SONG! PARTY! HARMONY! HUMANITY!  what are you searching for!? Everything is here at one place! Yes, you heard it Right! There is an application which gives the true meaning to social media Where you can have Nothing but fun!!! Unbelievable Right!?

Introducing you, YIRALL - INDIA’S true social media Application which helps to Find the real you and brings you to the spotlight. So, if you are a back stage performer get ready to shine! 

and coming to the point, YIRALL claims to be the true social media platform which brings out the true meaning of social media and involves in connecting, communicating and contributing to the society. They work hard to prove that Social media is something which can contribute more towards the society. So, nowadays Most of the Social media platforms only Focus more on entertainment rather than encouraging users towards their social responsibility, isn’t it? So, in-order to solve this problem, YIRALL came up with several super cool solutions that are creative innovative and motivative to the users . Thus, unlike most of the social media platforms which are only focused towards entertainment, YIRALL is an absolute worthy application that offers you all a balance between social responsibility and entertainment. Interesting, isnt it?

And guess what? If you were a person who is starving for success, who is struggling for success and who does not know how to succeed,  YIRALL is the exact place that fulfils all your needs. Because The vision that they work towards is to make the social world impactful and meaningful for all genre and The major focus of  YIRALL is to provide the budding talents with a huge platform where they can showcase their talents whatever it maybe for example dance, music , drama or edu-tech etc without any hesitation and the best part is anybody like students, sports men, housewife or even a working professional can use this  application to showcase their creativity and reach heights. They support them by enabling them to access and share appropriate resources which will improve the social media platform utility and influence. wow! Hmm! Sounds great right!?

And not only this, there is more. YIRALL also focuses on achieving their ultimate mission of using their social platform to empower the human race to create social impact, social awareness and promote the unique skills to the world and connect with people in a very genuine and a healthy way. This means a content posted by a person will be informative or motivative to another person which aids at stimulating the same person to learn that particular art or skill from the person who posted by either contacting them or by simply following them.  And, People can even connect with each other to discuss about or to create awareness about various social problems and they can also use YIRALL  application to find their lost belongings Too! Which is amazing right?

Thus The best part is, the major focus of YIRALL is to contribute something to the society  Where they  focus on promoting and stimulating a sense of social responsibility as much as focusing on entertainment. To do so they work on conducting several contests where they allow people to showcase their talents with a theme related to social responsibility which develops a sense of social responsibility and create a sense of unity and harmony among people.

Thus, YIRALL IS AN ALL ROUNDER, HENCE PROVED!!! SO WHY ARE YOU WAITING NOW!! INSTALL YIRALL FROM THE PLAY-STORE, SIGNUP AND LOGIN NOW! and leave the rest with them where they will get you to the spotlight!

 Yirall- live social be social


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