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HEALING LEAF, An absolute blessing from nature to maintain your and your pet’s health! 

Founder(s) Rasesh Khanna
Date of Establishment 03rd May 2022
Industrial Sector Food and Beverages
Headquarter Delhi
Presence PAN India
Awards and Recognition --

Do you know which is the most sustainable plant and most nutritious as well?

It’s the Hemp Plant!

Hemp is a botanical class of Cannabis sativa plants grown specifically for industrial or medicinal use. Not only it’s one of the most sustainable plants but also one with the most health benefits. It is a powder house of nutrients. 

Hemp overflows with Good Fats – Omega-3, 6 and 9 which assists in a healthy heart & brain, improved skin and hair health and boosts immunity. Hemp is a complete protein that comes from plants and consists all the 20 amino acids.  The list doesn’t stop there, it’s a healthy fiber that aids in digestion. It is rich in Vitamin E that helps maintain healthy skin and nails, Iron for healthy blood and Potassium for proper maintenance of the organs. 

Long story short, Hemp is a Blessing!

Since a very young age Rasesh Khanna has always been focused on starting something where he could create value in his life and other people’s life. When he got to know about the Hemp Plant from a dear friend, he was curious and eager to work around it and hence, Healing Leaf was born. 

He has personally seen how the Hemp Plant helps one in numerous ways. He wanted to move towards sustainable and greener lifestyle and that is when he introduced hemp in his diet and personal care routine. Along with this he gained deeper knowledge about Hemp and its beneficial properties.   

With great conviction he introduced the advantages to friends, family and pets. Seeing how it contributed positively in their lives, gave him the great sense of motivation and satisfaction to choose Hemp and create more awareness about this magical plant.

Healing Leaf is an initiative towards a sustainable approach to help people move towards a healthy & nutritional living.

Healing Leaf brings you a collection of products derived for the Hemp plants. Their Hemp is grown locally and sourced from hardworking farmers of Uttarakhand. They want to deliver the benefits of Hemp to as many people and pets as they can all around the globe.

Healing Leaf caters to both humans & pets. They focus on nutrition and personal care.

Their Human Range has Hemp Seed Oil External & Internal), Hemp Hearts and Hemp Protein. They strive to give you a healthy lifestyle by including these omega rich products. The products have anti-inflammatory properties and helps in muscle recovery. They help in weight a management and balances hormones as well. The range not only help in lowering cholesterol levels but also maintain cardiovascular health. The personal care products help one get rid of allergies, rashes and makes the skin & hair glow to name a few benefits.

They are super safe for all age groups.

The Pet Range has Hemp Seed Oil (External & Internal), Hemp Hearts, Hemp Protein and Hemp Peanut Butter. The range is filled with nutrition which contributes the perfect balance on Omegas 3,6 & 9. The products help improve Skin Health and reduces joint inflammation. It helps support heathy cholesterol levels, immune system and regulates metabolism. The products provide a compete source of nutrition with 20 amino acids. Hemp Oil helps in healing skin allergies and reduces shedding. It aids in Arthritis pain. The Oil can be either directly given to the pets or applied topically for a lustrous coat & fur.

The oil caters to both skin care and nutritional care. The rest three products are for the added nutrition to your pet’s lifestyle.

You know the best part about Hemp? It has no side effects!

Don't forget to get Hempy with HEALING LEAF!

Click on the link below to know more about Healing Leaf and enjoy the goodness of the Hemp Plant.

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